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Who is Community First?

Community First is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit founded by Barry Taniguchi in 2014. Today it is led by Toby Taniguchi and a volunteer board of community leaders. It serves as a neutral forum for the community to come together and as a catalyst for solutions to improve health and lower medical costs on Hawai’i lsland based on the community good.

The Misconception

The fundamental problem is that we think healthcare is treating disease. Health care is taking care of health. This is a paradigm shift that only a community can achieve.


A community where we not only take personal responsibility for our own health, but help each other care for our mutual well-being.


A sustainable medical and social service system which provides quality care for all the people of Hawai’i Island.

Two Strategies

Own Your Health

1. Tip the idea of healthcare from treating disease to caring for health through grassroots, community initiatives.

Healthcare Transformation

2. Create trust and collaboration so that the community, particularly the medical and social service providers, can work together to realize the Triple Aim of better health, better care, and lower costs.

Board of Directors

Toby Taniguchi- President and Chairperson
President, KTA Super Stores

Susan Mochizuki- Vice President
Executive Director Big Island Docs/East Hawaii IPA

Roberta Chu-Treasurer
Former Senior Vice President, Bank of Hawaii

Martha Yamada, RN- Secretary
Former Supervisor, DOH Public Health Nursing

Kimo Alameda, PhD
CEO, Bay Clinic

Dan Brinkman
CEO, Hilo Medical Center

Charlene Iboshi
Former Prosecuting Attorney

Kevin Kurohara, MD
Hawaii Island Healthcare, Inc.

Darryl Oliveira
Manager, HPM

Karen Teshima
State Lead, Blue Zones Hawai’i

Brandee Menino
CEO, HOPE Services Hawai’i

Randy Kurohara
Executive Director

Mike Sayama, PhD
Director of Strategy

Kim Kobayashi
Program Manager

Vanessa Carlson
Program Manager

©2021 Community First Hawaii

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