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Community First facilitated the discussions between the Hilo Medical Center and HMSA to bring the Ornish Lifestyle Medicine program to Hilo.  Hui Pono continues to be successful.   Marisa Salmoiraghi, Hui Pono Director, reported that until COVID-19 classes have been full and clinical outcomes great.  From the beginning of the program in March 2018 to the end of 2019, there has been 25 classes with 239 graduates.  A summary of their demographics and results follow:

    • 63% of participants have been female, 37% participants male
    • 79% of our participants have been 55+ years old
    • decrease in triglycerides= 22 points (125.8 after program avg.)
    • decrease in total cholesterol= 30 points (149.9 after program avg.)
    • decrease in LDL cholesterol= 20 points (77.2 after program avg.)
    • decrease in hemoglobin A1C= 0.5 points (5.9 after program avg.)
    • decrease in CES-D (way of looking at depression)= 3.6 points
    • About 25% of the participants have seen a decrease in meds or have been able to completely get off meds (BP, diabetic, or cholesterol)


Ornish Lifestyle Medicine is the only program scientifically proven to prevent, stop and even reverse (“undo”) heart disease by helping participants make significant lifestyle changes.

Are you ready to transform your life?  Take the first step today for a healthier tomorrow.

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